Sunday, April 24, 2011

Death CAB for CUTIE Feelingeras.

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DISCLAIMER: This was taken on our way home after a shoot in Dubai Media City. Exaggerated arte intonation and accent used while taking the footage of mostly rantings of me and my friend Tine.  Real-time testimonials of our "death cab" experience comprises of excessive use of artey and beki languages not suitable for very young audiences, parental guidance is recommended. 

Note: Footage was made to cure nausea and boredom during our trip home. It was not our intention to sound offensive, we we're just being us - our usual BUANG (crazy) selves.  GVhan lang po tayo. PEACE TO EVERYONE! :)

"Laughter is a celebration of all our failings, that recognition that we are human. That's what clowns are for. That's why they are important. And that's what I am" 
- Emma Thompson


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