Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Charmingly Beautiful.

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I got a hold of this Manish Arora Swatch and Art Collection watch yesterday. This edition came out last year and I believe it's the last remaining piece here in Dubai (ahahaha! muntik na maubusan si Rona, wala na daw talaga sabe ni ate). This watch is called Charmingly Beautiful and it turned out to be true to its name. 

Manish Arora who's known for his colorful, playful and bold designs, created this Bollywood inspired comic style watch.  The watch illustrates a simple love story. SIMPLE - an idealistic way of depicting love. So this is my love story with the watch (hanggang watch na lang talaga ako. chos.), I think we're truly MFEO (made for each other).

She said: He is so charming..
He said: YOU are so beautiful.
The case: Plastic, Transparent (33 mm / 1.30")

Strap: Leather, Multicolor (17mm / 0.67")
Hands (h, m, s): Red, Blue, Yellow

Water-resistant (30 meters/100 feet)Swiss made precision Quartz

I felt the instant connection between me and the watch, and I really find it odd that I'm inventing this crazy love affair with my latest purchase. It prompted me to check out the new designs of this famous Indian Fashion Designer and I was in frenzy when I saw his Spring 2011 collection. Check out these hot photos!

I love Manish's signature - how he bravely mixes loud colors and wild prints in every piece he creates. Notice how he achieved the futuristic expression by managing to use the classic vintage look and rich choice of bollywood colors and prints. 

Don't you just adore his designs? You may shop online at this site :
Here's a peek backstage at the Spring/Summer 2011 Paris fashion week with the master himself Manish Arora as he talks about his inspiration on this collection. 

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