Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunset Mall Kitesurfing Challenge

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It was yet another day at the beach - cool breeze, calming waves and all that jazz.  But when I looked up, it was an extraordinary sight.  The flawless blue sky was filled with multi colored kites and that means only one thing, the kite surfers have arrived!  It was my first time to see these guys in action and gahd was I amazed.  It was fun to watch these beautiful people soar several feet in the air.  Kids, adults and even old ones were all geared up flying up from the water and did startling tricks which I've never dreamed of.  

Kite surfing has been getting a lot of prominence in the past few decades.  A number of people has taken this extreme sport as a hobby.  The Sunset Mall Kite Surfing Challenge was held just off the coastline of Jumeirah Beach close to Dubai Offshore Sailing Club.  We went there after lunch.  The sun was hot yet the breeze was cool, it was a perfect beach day.  

It wasn't just the magnificent kites and "daredevlish" tricks that made my afternoon though, it was a whole lot more.  See for yourself.

This girl rocks!
Getting ready
All set
Up in the air
=) =) =)
Okay, so this is called overexposure.
The other half
And just who were we watching intensely?
Papasa na rin twin to. =D
Jump shot minus my face. =D
Negrita. =D
Kite land
The gathering
This is huge
Getting briefed
Beach babe
Sarap lang maging tamad.
In action
Juniors waiting for the GO!
Off they go!
Gigantic lens
Clicking away
Finishing off
Din and Justin
Happy audience

This extreme sport involves certain risks.  Learning the basics is an absolute necessity.  So get schooled before you try threading the water with these kites.  If you think kitesurfing is for you, check out Duco MaritimeDubai Kite Surf School,  and Mark Andrew Kite School websites for more details.

Photos taken by: Rona, Rach, Chat and me

"If you want to experience all of the successes and pleasure in life, you have to be willing to accept all the pain and failure that comes with it." -  Mat Hoffman


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