Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A LOVE-HATE relationship with my body

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Okay, I've been lazy.  I admit it.  I've held on too long and now it's time to let go, I'm talking about my FATS.  I've been nourishing these unhealthy little babies for a while now, probably analogous to raising brats.  Too stubborn and too self righteous, ayaw na nilang kumawala.  It's been a while since I've hit the gym so I'm not sure how my metabolism will respond.  I've lost weight before but after that I slacked off big time.  I could have been a star athlete you now, ahahahaha - kidding.  I'm not not really the sporty type. There are a lot of sports that I love to watch but I hate to play.  

I should consider myself lucky, I don't pay for expensive gym memberships.  I don't even have gym clothes (I thought it was a waste of money) so I just borrow from my housemates.  All I have to do was to step out of the flat, take the elevator and go 3 floors up.  There's a gym on the top floor of our building, it has always there waiting for me to come visit. But I was neglectful.  I mean it was fun not going to the gym - less panting, no sweating, and no extreme body ache. Then I started to watch my waist thicken and I felt a bit puffier than I use to be.

So last night I came back with a revenge, I went back to the treadmill. A 1km run was always a walk in the park for me, but last night I nearly vomited.  But I still pushed myself. I struggled to even ride the exercise bike, do a round of sit ups and cap it off with step aerobics.  After that, I nearly died - or at least I thought so.  Here are some photos from last night's session.  Excuse the haggardness of the fez, haggard talaga kami.

 Rach and Rona - treadmill running
More action
Ang tunay na maganda, hinde kumukupas ang ganda kahit pagod na pagod na =D
Rona - the gym buff, siya lang ang hinde tumigil sa pagygym
  What a face! Anyare??!! 
Gym clothes donated by friends: Chat and Patricia THANK YOU!
Ano te, kaya pa? =D
 The queen of step aerobics, Chat!
Work it!
Sige pa!
 The queen of floor exercises, Chat!
The gym queen, Rona cooling down

I will have weeks wherein I will go religiously to the gym, then fall off schedule and fail.  It could be a vicious cycle. I'm starting to eat more healthy now, although I believe I've always been a healthy eater - no rice for almost 4 years now, more greens and less fat (buti na lang walang lechon dito).  I've been drinking less alcohol and more coffee (I know dapat tea pero mas okay naman siguro ang coffee sa alcohol diba?).  I can't even remember the last time I consumed an alcoholic drink.  Now I just have to constantly push myself to exercise and get into a routine.  I seriously hope I can do it.  I even have a back up plan on days that I feel sluggish.  I just have to look back on my "beach body ready post" and think about the discomfort I feel wrapping myself on the idea that I won't look good wearing a bikini.  But hey it's not all that, I love who I am and I find worth in myself but to live a healthier life isn't so bad and now I'm giving it a chance.

"The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd druther not."  ~Mark Twain


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