Friday, March 23, 2012

Book & Bean

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I missed my blog.  I missed this place where I pour my thoughts, adventures and even my inevitable mishaps.  I feel so negligent but the truth is I'm just so busy.  The past week I've been working my ass off, trying to persevere in this tough corporate jungle.  But hey, I survived my first week in my new office.  I've worked with a variety of individuals, mostly Europeans.  The more different a culture is, the more learning and change would come your way.  And yes, I actually enjoyed it.  They were all very warm and welcoming.  I know there are more challenges headed my way and I've been craving for that the past years.  At this favorable turn of events,  I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to be where I am now.

So before "hell week", I had a relaxing weekend with my friends.  I visited a place that gives me the utmost serenity.  A bookstore.  I love books.  They have this unique ability to take me to places and create this feeling of unfathomable ecstasy.  So every time I'm fighting against distracted thoughts and unproductive days, I always make an effort to grab a good book because this option always saves me.  I love losing myself in another world, let's just say reading has been my lifeline.

I discovered a bookstore inside Ace Hardware, how convenient is that?  Book and Bean is one of Dubai's second hand bookshops.  You can take your old books there and they'll pay you cash for it.  Once you're done reading, you can take it back and they'll give half of the price back.  I don't think I'll give them back though, I'm a sucker for books - reading and collecting them.

Book & Bean
Before feeding our minds, we made sure our bellies were well fed too.  Stopped by Sumo to feast on their Sushi buffet. YUMMY!
Rona and Rach taking in as much as they can. =D
Fresh creatures
Got a lot on my plate
 Filled up my plate for the nth time, hay sarap!
Rona getting herself interested
There I was, with a big Don't Disturb sign oozing all over me.
Don't disturb sabe eh! ahahahaha. Sa sobrang busy, ayan waldrobe malfunction (my nude undergarment was a mess, sorry!)
Book shopping. =D
The coffee shop
Busy bees!
 Sige na nga, maayos na picture muna. LOL!
Checking out, how much each costs.  Baka sumobra na 'ko mahirap na. =D
Ganito magbasa ang mga soshal. Ganda talaga ni Rachell Ann Bonanza! =D
The chosen few...
...and more
We got free coffee from our purchases! How cool is that? =D
Thank you ate sa lahat ng mga perks. =D
Happy us. The Lennon book I'm holding is for my dad.
Rona's redeeming our free coffee.
Medyo madilim ang kuha, pero gusto nyang ipakita ang mga stubs namin. ahahaha.
Thanks Rona, Chat and Marsie.  I really enjoyed this day. =D

So I got 5 books for daddy, 2 for Kaya and a dozen for me, yey!  For all you shopping freaks out there, fill up your wardrobe and your shoe cabinets but find time to stuff your book shelves too.  If you're on a tight budget, you can always purchase pre-loved books.  Who knows what you'll find in a treasure laden kingdom like this.  Plus I love the smell of old books, don't you?  Book and Bean offers coffee, pastries, free wi-fi, comfortable seating and a glorious number of great books.  I know, I sound like a snazzy salesman ahahaha.  I'm just so excited to share all these with you.  There is joy in sharing you know.  

Book & Bean
Open Sat-Wed 9am-10pm; Thu-Fri 9am-midnight
Inside ACE Hardware, Dubai Festival City
04 232 6992

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book. ~Author Unknown


Jen No said...

Thanks for sharing this! ^^
I've been looking for second hand books here in Dubai and can't find a good one like in Philippines (Book Sale). I guess this is the one I'm looking for.

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