Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rijksmuseum and then some: My Amsterdam

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I know.  I have been incredibly negligent in my blog posting.  The past month has been awfully busy making it impossible to spend time on this page. While I have been busy exploring some parts of the world, an enormous amount of work awaited my return.  Tons of email to reply to, loads of accounting work, a new Managing Director that seriously needs assistance and on top of that a company reorganization.  On why all that has to occur after my vacation, the world refused to give an answer.  

It's been a month since I've posted anything and that's severely pathetic.  But now I'm back on track.  Let me share with you the first leg of our Europe trip.  Do you dream of places that you hope to one day visit? I did.  And for every dream I have been lusting on how wonderful it is to walk on the streets, enjoy the splendid view, spend ample time staring at art pieces, admiring street art (err graffiti - hahaha my guilty pleasure), getting to know the people, eat everything you  lay your eyes on (guilty!) and more.  There are times when realities don't live up to what you have imagined, but it happens.  In other times, it exceeds your fantasies.    

Amsterdam is one of those places.  It's a city where EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE.  Though most of us tagged this place as a home of the Green Cafes, it seriously is so much more.  We overly stereotyped this city as a fun place to go to because you can smoke pot or go gaga at the red light district, and hell yes it is.  But if you ponder on it fervently, it is actually that "feeling of freedom" that makes that makes the city of Amsterdam proliferate with beauty. The Dutch themselves are delightful people: everyone I spoke to was incredibly friendly and welcoming, and everyone speaks fluent English. I admire their willingness to help and their tolerance of people from all over the world. You wouldn't really feel that in some countries, you know. 

So here are some snaps of our first day, we checked in the POET hotel, went for a blissful morning walk and then visited the Rijksmuseum.

The Poet Hotel facade
Schipol Airport - Kevlar guys on the lose.  Rach and I can live in that airport, I must say.  
Tool cabinet
Banyo Queens
Meeting point - cutie!  Waiting for Pepito
Hello telephone!
 Rona emotera
Whatever happened to packing light?
Finally, Pepito. Hahaha!
We are so ready for you Amsterdam!
The Poet Hotel - This boutique hotel is centrally located in the upscale Jan Luijken street right in the middle of Amsterdam's museum quarter.  It was so convenient, almost every place plotted in our map was walking distance from the hotel.
The Beatles
Gustong gusto kong iuwi ang shelf na to. =)
Poet Hotel
Jan Luijkenstraat 44
1071 CR Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 662 05 26
F +31 (0)20 675 08 11

After breakfast at the hotel, we hurriedly stepped out for a walk.  It was drizzling but we didn't really care.  We were just so happy to be out on the streets.  

Rijksmuseum - You can't escape Rembrandt in Amsterdam.  It is a great opportunity to see all the highlights of the Dutch Golden age in one place - doll houses, silverware, delftware, icons of Dutch history and masterpieces of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Jan Steenm Frans Hals and Vermeer.  

Jan Luijkenstraat 1  1071 CJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 674 7000
I am guessing you can tell this was a long day, and I've just begun.  There is still too much to see in this beautiful city.  Watch out for my next post. 

"The deepest and most lifelike emotion has been expressed, and that's the reason they have taken so long to execute."
- Rembrandt


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