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It's my Girlfriend's birthday and she can cry if she wants to!

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One of the most amazing things that can happen is to find someone who can put up with my stubbornness and extremely crazy ways. I met Rona here in Dubai and we've been living together for a couple of years now. We're like an old married couple with how many times we talk a day - checking how the other does (parang hinde magkasama sa bahay) and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. Our relationship grew and grew and today we're the perfect partners in crime. I think every girl needs a sister in their life, and Rona is the ate that I never had.  She's a few years younger than me pero ako ang mas parang bunso niya.  It's so easy to be myself around her.  We both love to cook. Kung ako Google chef, si Rona ang real thing.  She finds delight in cooking and she's extremely good at it. She loves to travel and I'm just so ecstatic about our future travel plans.  OA sa dami ang pupuntahan naming 3 nina Rach. When I was at the lowest point in my life, she never left my side.  She took all the ranting, screams and tears.  Most of the time she says nothing, but her presence alone meant a lot (shock absorber ko siya talaga).  During my high times, wagas na wagas din ang kaligayahan naming dalawa.  We can laugh about anything and everything. 

Rona is the strong, silent type.  She's fairly reserved but if I'm sad or problematic, she always gives out the best advice.  She's brutally honest and straight forward, exactly what a tenacious person like me needs.  Much as I feel uneasy with strangers, si Rona naman easily gets along with everyone.  I mean everybody loves her, while me, Rach and Patur are on the love to hate list (charot lang). 

So on her special day we made an extra effort to make her feel how much we appreciate everything little thing she's done for us.  We disrupted to quiet life of her family members and some of her friends to send us their special messages for her birthday.  Patur, Rach and I sneaked around to gather her 28 gifts na jusme hiniling niya talaga (may kakapalan din ng mukha to eh).  We started our day with a special breakfast we prepared specially for her.

Blueberry/Banana Pancakes, Bacon, Star-shaped egg and grapes
Ang mga debils sa buhay ni Rona
 Opening her 2nd present that day. She loves that Martian!
  Lift shot
  Love this!

We wanted to do something special for her so it was decided that us four would spend the entire day together.  We took her for up for a ride and we had lunch in one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai.  Pierchic is a stunning seafood restaurant at the end of a long pier.  It has the most amazing outdoor deck that provides a wonderful view of the Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah.  The setting is very elegant, the food was SUPERB and the service was just downright first class.  The staff was so friendly and accommodating - promptly attending to all our needs.  They all helped us plan a little surprise for Rona.  They prepared a cake with a candle, made sure we had internet connection (for the video we prepared) and some of them proactively grabbed the camera to help us capture each moment.  They were constantly visiting our table to check on the food and ask if we need anything else. Our time there was absolute perfection.  The whole experience took us to daydreams and memories of a summer romance.  

 While waiting for the buggy
  Al Qasr hotel
 How I love Rona's  pants! Bloody and pagka-red!
 The entrance
 I have amazing friends
 Table napkin
 Lights above
Wall of fame
 Lunch menu
  Rona and Patur
 Rona was like "Ano ka ba Ms. CEO, maglulunch na nga tayo nagtratrabaho ka pa rin?"  Hinde nya alam sineset-up ko lang yung video for her
 Eto na inamin na namin na may video. Yung ngiti nya wagas. hahahaha!
 She was so happy!
  Oh, diva! Pati si Patur ang happy din!
 Jackie and baby
 Ang Gelpren na napakadaming sinabe! Jusme!
 The highlight of the vid, Mommy Marilyn's message
 It's her birthday...
 ...she can cry if she wants to.
Taking a video of the entire "watching the AVP moment", pati ako naluha! BIRTHDAY KO BA?? ahahahahaha!
  Our dear princess, Rach
 Saya ko, feeling ko birthday ko bakit ba? Hahaha!
Babae sa bintana
 Starter: Carnaroli Rissoto
 Starter: Tuna Carpaccio
 Intermediate: Truffle and Cauliflower soup
 Intermediate: Gratinated Pumpkin Polenta
 Main: Black Tiger Prawns
Main: Pan Fried Sea Bass (my favorite)
 Dessert: Baked Toffee Pudding
 Rona's birthday cake
 Dessert: Red Fruits
 We were having beer when we noticed the glass has Rona's name on it. Araw mo na talaga to, ikaw na.

After dessert, we requested to be seated outside to enjoy the breathtaking view while finishing up our drinks unending conversations.  In between all the pagtatalak and chismisan, we can't help but take millions of photos.  Filtered na yang mga pinost ko sa lagay na yan, kaya patawad sa pagflood.
 Madinat Jumeirah
 Burj Al Arab
 Sooooo pretty!
 Angel shot
 Emote kung emote
Us four
 Rona and I
  Rona and Patur
 Rona and Rach
Super cute nito
 Sobrang ganda lang ni Patricia! 
 Chismosas Unlimited
 Nakakainis ang kagandahan mo Bona!
I love you!
  Patur and Rona
 Anong pag-arte to?! hahahaha!
 Cover photo ko to sa FB, TSE!
 Mahangin sa labas, bakit ba?!
 Our princess.
 Jump shot nang naka-pumps! Kaya mo?
  Ang dramatic ng tutu mo dito. At ang ganda mo kahit kelan. tsk.
 Galit ka te? Galit sa hangin, bilang hinde ko matali ang buhok ko!
  Sige ilipad mo lang nang ilipad ang buhok ko.
 Ayan medyo nakisama na ang hangin dito ng slight.
 Greek goddess ka dito Patur! =)
 Ang gandaaaaaaaaaa!
 Ito ang kulot na hinde salot, ganda eh!
 Birthday suit
 Queen of the world
 Bakit nasa likod ang mga kamay? Hmmm.. hahaha!
 Chika minute
 Rest daw muna, pagod na magsalita eh
 Buggy ride
  Gustong gusto na naming mag-swim sa totoo lang
Upo muna, kapagod ang init sa labas eh
  Asaan na si Pepito shot
2 of her 28 gifts - a fake tatt sleeve and her status bands. Ikaw na ang cool. =)
Happy birthday, love.

Tel:  +971 4 3666730 
Fax: +971 4 3666649 
Location: Access from Al Qasr pool area, Madinat Jumeirah

I have spent most of my favorite days with this girl and Rachell.  I always thought that my soul mate would be the guy I'll marry.  I was wrong, it comes in the form of my best friends and I have been living with them for years now.  I just love how we plan about our future travels, adventures, and business ekek because in those plans I just know, we'll never be apart.  May kuwarto na nga kami ni Kaya sa condo nyo eh, ano pa bang hihilingin ko diba? LOL!  I'm never gonna' leave these girls and I don't know what I would do without you animals.  Happy Birthday Bona, I love you.  Forever. 

Here's the short video we made.  Thanks to all her family members and friends who took the time and effort to make this possible.  

Happy Birthday Rona! from miejay madla on Vimeo.

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Meredith: Because you're my person!

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