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Proost! Heineken Experience: My Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is the cradle of Heineken beer.  We jumped right into the Heineken Experience after our tour of the Rijksmuseum, read here. This is not actually a museum, it is more of an interactive exploit. The Heineken Experience occupies the building that was once the original Heineken brewery. The beer was made there from 1867-1988, operating as the company’s primary facility.  

Upon entering they give you a little bracelet with removable tabs (super cute I must say) — one for a free gift at their store and then two free beers at the end of the tour. We were lucky there wasn't a long cue when we got there so the self tour was easy breezy.  

The Heineken Experience showcases the brand and of course the beer. You get to see how the brand has grown from a small family business to huge multinational company. It was a decent learning venture to get to know more about this beer enterprise. I really enjoyed the 4D activity in which we were brewed into a beer (weird, but fun). 

So after all the beer tasting and free beers, Rach and I got all boozed up and it was only noon time, quite an experience huh? =)  Here are some photos of the visit, and really, if next time you are in Amsterdam and you want to get loaded while "learning" new things, swing by the Heineken experience! 

Expert Brewers! =)
Me and my Heineken, sitting on a couch. 
 Rona at the building's facade
Love his shoes, hinde naman nagbebenta. =(
 Rach, pogi ba? =)
 Alfred Henry Heineken
 Basta may mirror, automatic!
  Buma-bar sina bakla!
 And it continues...
 Evil grin! =)
  Rach, Rona and akembels =)
 Cool beer cans behind us
 Aliw tumambay dito. 
 Di ba Rona? =)
  BE THE BEER! Super fun! =)
Yeeehaaaaa! =)
 Meet Jean-Francois =)
 This guy explains the history of the brewery
 He is that same bald guy =)
  Our souvenir photo =)
 and one more.
 Mr. and Ms. Heineken =D
 Hilig talaga namin yung sumandal sa pader shots. =)
 She explained the process of making beer. And she is very PRETTY!
Ronalyn ganda. =)
 Marsie admiring the bottled wall.
 I failed this exercise! Boo!
  Sit here.
 And the session began.
 Cutie bunch. =) 
 Rach with the pretty ate.
 Marsie, matagal pa ba yan? =D
 Help the brewer!
 Guy at the back taught us how to drink beer the PROPER WAY! Lagok kung lagok daw dapat! =)
 We made our own bottle! NEAT!
DJ? Seriously? =D
 Rona and me =)
 With the cheerful guys from the H.E. 
 Happy US =)
 Sinerseryoso ko talaga ang mga ganitong bagay eh. =D
Oh, diba! =D
 At the brand store
 Rach and me =)
 Cutie!! =)
 Sana all beer bottles are like these.
COLD? Bona? =)

We walked right through the store and checked out some of the merchandise.  We had a frenzied attack upon seeing the cool souvenir line.  They've got a great selection.  We bought some for our family back home.  And finally I got that huge mug I've been dying to have.  I use it for iced coffee actually. =D

That's it for the brewery.  It's something I'd highly recommend doing if you're in Amsterdam - especially of you're a beer lover.  Stay tuned for my upcoming posts - the end of our Amsterdam trip, our time in Paris and Switzerland. 

Heineken Experience
Stadhouderskade 78, Amsterdam
+ 31 (0) 20 523 9222

I hope that none of my friends come to
 my funeral, because if that's the case, I'll have outlived them all." - Freddy Heineken 


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Hi Kristine! Thank you! More travels to come for us both! =)

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