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A (Belated) Letter to Kaya on her Seventh Birthday

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My dearest Kaya,

A few months ago you turned seven years old.  How time flies!  You completely changed my life in the most unimaginable way possible.  I had you when I wasn't ready, but now when I think of it I realize I am not psyched up at all for dealing with you when you were a toddler and now a little girl who's getting bigger and bigger.  

But there was magic in your eyes. You believe that everything is possible. I love how you passionately tell me a story you read like it was really happening right before your eyes. I love seeing things through your eyes, it refreshes my soul. And yes, I admire how you devour on those books, as I always tell you they will take you places. You sparkle in every way, that's because you put your heart into everything you do. You have a lovely imagination and it's always at mommy's delight to share your artworks.  

You are my little treasure.  I always tell you we don't have a lot of earthly possessions but it doesn't matter because I have you.  You have driven me to work hard so I can give you the amazing life that you deserve.  

I love how our conversations have gotten deeper with each passing day.  Makes me feel that I am talking to a friend.  I love keeping this virtual relationship with you, as if we have created our own world - communicating in every possible way we can.  The distance really sucks but you made it all manageable. You didn't make me feel so far away at all.  

I am so sorry if I don't own up to the million hugs and kisses that one kid should receive in a year.  I hope virtual kisses count. I pray that you still understand why mommy is miles away. Please don't feel neglected and know that I miss you every single day.

You are the most beautiful girl in this world, that's because you are this beautiful little soul.  You are the most loving, caring and compassionate person.  You never fail to share the joy to others.  

You are your own person now and that scares me a bit.  I know that there would be times you would not ask me for help anymore because you can do it.  You are strong willed and very independent, so I know you can do more things on your own.  But I trust you.  And I will be here anak, every step of the way.  

Whatever you do with your life, whoever you choose to share it with, wherever you decide to go, I will love you and be proud of you. Go out there, be who you want, and live your dreams. I am blessed to be your mother. I love you darling, happy birthday.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza  Manila - We spent the weekend at the Sofitel in Manila to celebrate Kaya's birthday.  We need a relaxing destination within the city as we have to consider my dad's condition.  We can't travel that far with him so we have to find a suitable venue.  Sofitel is known as the weekend hotel for families because of its large pool area.  Once you step in the hotel premises, it felt as if you were leaving the stressful city life outside.

Food is also one thing to look forward to.  A meal at the Spiral restaurant promises a memorable dining experience.  My friends came over and we had dinner and drinks at the Sunset bar.  The view and ambiance was amazing. We had a very nice time. We stayed at the Club floor and the service was excellent. Most importantly Kaya fell in love with the pool, it took a lot of convincing before she finally agreed to go home. Will definitely plan another "staycation" weekend at this hotel.    

 Grandma and Kaya
 Lovers at the lobby
 View from our room
 Lazy day for this kid
 Lovely baby
 She always likes to listen to songs
 Thanks Tita Maan for this yummy Purple Oven cake
  Swimming with this mermaid
 Thanks Tita Yana for the J.Co donuts, you were late because of these =)
 By the Manila bay
 Serious, pumipikit pikit pa
 Chilling at the Sofitel's club lounge
 Movie time with her uncles
 My mermaid
 Nakakagutom lumangoy no? 
 Ketchup na lang sa akin
Beauty and the Beast
 My baby love
  At Spiral
 Pretty baby
 Swimming with Ky
 at Spiral
 Tambay lang
 Ayun, horror
 Kaya, the Debil and I 
 Tito Martin and Daddy Em
 Lowla's pet
 Wala na sa mood, pauwi na yata kami nito  
She made a friend by the pool
Lowlo and lowla by the pool
  Lowlo and Lowla at the Club Lounge
Mirror mirror

Thanks to my best friends from high school, JAMPS for visiting us.  I love spending time with these ladies (sige na nga and the husbandries), it's like recharging my batteries.  There was never a dull moment.  I can't wait to see you all again.  I hope I get to see the rest of the gels from this group, hinde kame magkasabay sabay ng uwi eh.

To my favorite fambam, King, Maan, Kyky and Kenken, thank you for driving all the way to Manila just to be with us.  Next time we'll make the get together longer para hinde ma-sepanx yung mga kids.  To Diana Cotia, forever late ka my friend, I can't wait for the time na ikaw naman ang mauuna. Thanks for dropping by! 

I love you all! =)

 My gorgeous friends part 1
  My gorgeous friends part 2
 Moment ko at ni Maan
 Jubarns, Em and Jill
 Elevator madness
 Maan and Kenken
  Sweethearts forever, Maan and King
 Our growing family

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
Address: Atang Dela Rama, Pasay 1300, Philippines
Phone:+63 2 551 5555

Make over at Club Princess - On her birthday I want Kaya to feel nothing less but a Princess.  And Princesses deserve royal treatment.  For that I am so thankful for this specialty store where kids can be transformed into their favorite diva, princess or idol.  I noticed that kids tend to be choosy nowadays.  As with Kaya, she is inclined to choose her own style, and to my delight she has very fashionable taste.

So on that day, she got her hair done, make-up and a bit of nail color (I don't really approve of her using nail polish - even the safe ones for kids).

 Nail care
 Getting started
 Trying to be funny
 With Asim
 My princess
 The "after"
 Dainty mirror
 Pa-anxious effect

Club Princess
Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City

Bulgogi Brothers - We had authentic Korean food for dinner at the Bulgogi Brothers.  Thanks to the Bistro group for bringing this South Korean franchise to the Philippines.  The barbecue was melt in your mouth delicious, and the bulgogi was moist, tender and very tasty.  The side dishes were also superb!  The staff were so nice and friendly, they arranged the table specially for Kaya and surprised her with a cake during dessert.  Kaya was so surprised and embarrassed at the same time.  But her smile remained the entire evening, it was so priceless.  

 Checking out the cake
 Gift from Daddy Em and Tita Jojie
 Happy birthday love
 With ate Sarah
 Kaya's cake is from Marta's cakes, ATC
 Melts in your mouth
 Hello Kitty stuff
 Love, love, love
 All gone
 With Daddy Em
 Soooo funny!
 Happy girl
 Happy fam
 Crazy lolo
 Humahawak pa ng wine glass!
 Minsan lang to, parati magkaaway tong dalawang to eh 
  May maasim dito
 The lovely staff, thank you!
 Super nagulat and shy face 
 Looking up
I love you babe!

Marta's cakes 
Ground Floor Activity Center, Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City
Telephone +63.2.585.2598
Mobile +63.917.5019984

Bulgogi Brothers
Lower G/L, The Garden, Alabang Town Center
Tel. no. +63 (02) 919-6840 / +63 (02) 754-1476

More celebrations - Thanks to all who showered Kaya with gifts most especially her loving Titas from Dubai - Tita Rach, Tita Rona and Tita Patricia.  She also had a wish list for her big day so as much as I can I tried to scratch every item off her list, pagbigyan, seventh birthday eh. I stayed for 2 weeks in Manila and of course I wanted to celebrate her birthday every single day that I was there.  So here are some more celebrations we had.  

 Reading her note
 The painter
 From her Titas in Dubai 
 Her first painting
 A doll house
 Painting set
Baking set
A barbie from India
 Magic slate
 Pick whatever you want at the Toy Store day
 Can't decide

 Happy =)
 Her choice
 Saya nya lang eh

Shakey's - Party will not be complete without Mojos and thin crust pizza from Shakey's. YUM!
 Potato chips
 Thin crust
Chicken and mojos

Lechon and Ice Cream at Market Market - I forgot the store's name, but this is lechon heaven indeed.


Home-cooked meal by Moi - It's not all year round that I get to cook for my daughter since I am away most of the time.  So while I was there I prepared a special lunch just for her. I think she liked it. Hahaha. =)

 Ako tlaga may gawa nito, hahaha. Joke lang, BBQ from Amber
 My specialty, Crab Jamaica (charot)
 A side of mushrooms
 Grilled chicken
Lunch is served

Yakimix - Buffet dinners are mostly a no-no because we don't really eat that much.  But since this is an exceptional time, we gave in.  We celebrated Kaya's first birthday dinner at Yakimix ATC.

The birthday plate
 Happy baby
 The rest of the gang
She ate a lot

Upper Ground Level, Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City
Phone Number: (+63 2) 553-4757, (+63 2) 553-7433

Uncle Cheffy - It was our second time at Uncle Cheffy and this restaurant never ceases to amaze us.  They continue to shine with amazing food.  I never really tried the pizza (which is the specialty of the restaurant), since I am here for vacation I am naturally fixated on the Filipino food.  I promise I will try the rest on the menu next time. 

Uncle Cheffy Filinvest City
Third Floor, Festival Mall, Filinvest City, 
Muntinlupa City
Telephone nos.: 02 7814266, 02 5516048

Her gift for mommy - I was kind of expecting this to be honest.  Being the sweet girl as she is, she always creates a special something if there is any occasion.  But at this point, there wasn't really anything special going on, she just wanted to give me something because as she wrote on the envelope, "for you cause you gave me everything."  I am close to tears again while writing this, but I am really grateful to have her in my life.  I know there are lots of things to be thankful about in this world, but for me she is the greatest gift God has ever given.  

 From: Kaya
 She created this collage
 Tear jerker
My daughter has the biggest heart

"What the daughter does, the mother did."
-Jewish Proverb


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