Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Liking Interlaken, Switzerland

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After two stop overs and six hours of sleeping and singing to every song in my playlist, we finally reached Interlaken, Switzerland.  Rona, Rach and I were sold to the idea of going to Switzerland since we were living in the desert and the thought of seeing snow was of high importance.  The country is known for many things - home of Europe's highest peak, hidden bank accounts, best chocolates and expensive travel (or so they say).  The drive from France was very interesting, we got to see all the greens and met very gorgeous people (ano daw?).  

They say that due to the unusual geographic pattern of Interlaken and the two lakes (Lake Brienz and Lake Thun) means the air in Interlaken is more pure and clean than anywhere else in the world. Interlaken is every adventure and outdoor enthusiasts dream. However, not all of you are adrenalin junkies and no matter how much of a thrill seeker you are, the chances are you won’t want to be doing adventure sports, because the weather will not allow it.  Thankfully there are plenty of things to do in Interlaken aside from throwing yourself out of a plane, you  can shop, gossip, eat, gossip, drink hot chocolate, gossip, admire the view, gossip, do a lot of strolling and gossip.  And that's exactly what we did.
Stop over
Kape pa!
 Second stop over

A long drive
Crunchy Almonds
Going up?
Sick si marsie
Almost there
As we moved closer to Interlaken, we saw a beautiful lake. Our booking was in a hotel called City Oberland Hotel. We were offered a room in the new building.  The view was of a small alley below.  The room was very clean and ample. It has a bed located in a small attic above with a roof window, it was so cool! Nobody stayed there though because we all wanted to stick together, hahaha! Soon after we got recuperated from the journey and were ready to head out for dinner.  I skipped dinner that evening, was hoping to get all well rested for our top of Europe tour the following day.  
No AC! This small opening can give you chills.
Stairway to heaven, I mean to the attic
Bed on the attic
Roof window
Lift shot
 Where to go
Feeling grumpy. Chos.
Anyare lola?!
I will post another blog on our adventures on the top of Europe.  Before heading out to Lucerne, we had time to explore the city.  Paragliding was cancelled that day because of the fog.  And that really sucks. We were really looking forward to fly.  Can't do anything about it, so instead of sulking in misery we drained ourselves out in shopping, sight seeing and flirting with hot chicks at the Hooters (bwahahaha)!  Check out our photos below. 
The supposed drop zone for paragliding
Goofing up
Oh yes, they do!
Inside a church
Umaasa na matuloy ang paragliding
Beside the hotel
Hala sige, LARO!
Good luck sa mga magsusugal!
Today's menu
Nakuha ba namin? =)))
More shops
May fixation si Rona dito. Looks like?!
Sarap ibato!
Ang dark chocolate ay tunay na pag-ibig!
Sinong kausap mo?!

May mababato talaga eh

Hotel facade
Best price
House of prayer
Us three
Who needs to paraglide?
Telebabad ulit?
Wet and foggy day
What we ate at Hooters
Shower ba kamo? =)
Grand Hotel Victoria
Anong hintay niyo?
Lakad ng lakad
Bench ulet
Saya nyo?
Man hole!

Haller ulet!

What do you see, Marsie?
Patingin nga!
Wala naman akong nakita, tse!
Come in and find out!
Puwede na ba?
Woot! Woot!

Muntik na kame magpasa ng CV! hahahaha!

may nakita ka Bona?
Whispering a prayer
tsokolate pa!
Sa totoo lang, nagopen kame ng account. TSE!
We thank you and bless you, Lord our God.
Street guys
Wala pa ring tatalo sa Balisong
We take care.

Nalula sa fudaks si Marsie
Hail Mary!
Leaving Interlaken

The place is fabulous for exploring by walking.  In a town like this, I can say we did a good catching up on gossipThough our paragliding activity was cancelled, we were not disappointed with our plan. It is breathtaking even on a cloudy and rainy day. Villages half way up the mountains, houses on mountain peaks, green grass everywhere. Everything was really expensive in Switzerland even in this sleepy town. The stores were pretty touristy but we enjoyed checking out the cuckoo clock stores, the chocolate shops and the knife shops. 

Walking through the autumn leaves-covered park towards downtown was splendid. I felt like I was a little atom on a painting. It didn't seem real.  

I also came to the conclusion that SWISS chocolates are to die for - especially those super dark ones.  

“Switzerland is a small, steep country, much more up and down than sideways, and is all stuck over with large brown hotels built on the cuckoo style of architecture.” 
-Ernest Hemingway


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