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Spontaneity. Weekend at Atlantis, The Palm

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Spontaneity.  Unplanned and spontaneous trips can be very rewarding. We knew we were going to the beach last weekend but we certainly didn't plan all the circumstances partnered with doing so.  Rach, Rona and I were just sending e-mails back and forth ranting about work and how badly we miss everyone back home and raving about the great things happening in our lives right now.  We just knew we needed to relax, take a breather and celebrate.  What better way to relax than on a beach with a good book and a well-earned, umbrella decorated drink. Tapos bigla bigla na lang, Atlantis tayo. After 10 minutes, we're booked. 

For Rachell, Atlantis, the Palm was just another place she dreaded to go to.  Reason is that it's located in an artificial archipelago created using land reclamation.  With that in mind, she always get that sinking feeling.  I was surprised she indulgently said yes.  But we have to bring her life jacket daw, hahaha. I'm so proud of you Rach! Toto clap times three! =)

The decision to go someplace must be made on the spur of the moment.  There doesn't have to be any rhyme or reason, just a pledge to have fun. It doesn't have to be a long distance vacation, even somewhere close to home would be as perfect.  Last weekend we did just that.  Packed our bags and went with the flow.  It was one of those exciting trips we had, yung tipong pagdating namin dun, "so anong gagawin natin?".  And we just look at each other and say, "Gawin natin lahat!"

So here are photos of our short and worry-free weekend.  Apologize for the flooding, I seriously lack time to filter the entire set.  

HIGH times! =)
On our way to randomness
Ms. Madla! ahahaha
UNO, nilagyan ng sticker. Bad!
Lazy, lazy us.
Waiting for the basketball game, die-hard fan ng B-Meg Llamados
  Inside the room
Kanya kanya ng sulok
Ocean view
Carbs on top of carbs on top of carbs
Sobrang busy naman!
Ang mag-ina
  Kelangan magpa-cute bago kumain
Aquaventure Water Park - Loads of great slides and sunbeds.  I was so happy the place was not crowded.  Naalog utak namin ni Rach sa mga slide, but it was fun. It was a very hot afternoon so spending hours in the lazy river took our mind off the heat. 
Getting our passes
Eggcited na kame!
Leap of Faith
Rona and me
My lalalabs!
Kids area, mas bagay kami ni Rach dito.
Lazy River
Where to go?
Jump! Jump!
  Golf cart ride to the beach
Rach and me
  Sa wakas, dagat!
Jump Jump!
OA sa pagkarelax si Bona!
The beach - Honestly we didn't spend that much time in the water. Nasobrahan siguro kame ng tubig sa Aquaventure.  So we did what do best, get lazy on the sunbed.  With us three together, sometimes it's really hard to cope with all the chika chika.  We talk about anything and everything - about how the week went, private jokes, fantasies (hahahaha!) and about the future sometimes...it's really great! Here are my most treasured photos of the trip, huling huli ni Bona ang "landian" namin ni Rach on camera.
Relax relax lang muna
Ayan nagdeclaim na!! Hahaha!
Naiiyak na sa kakatawa. LOL!
Happy lang lagi. =)
Let's call it a day.
The Lost Chambers - It was a cool escape after spending the day in the Aquaventure.  
Blurry facade
Ano ba tong tinuturo namin dito?
AMAZING! I can stare at them all day. =)
Queen of the Sea
Beautiful. In awe.
Eto mas beautiful =)
Anong gustong palabasin ni Bona dito?
Itlog ni Puma ley-ar
Medyo creepy tong mga 'to
Nice nice!
Oblation ata ang peg ni Rona dito
  We're inggit!!!
Queen Bee!
I love you both
Mas masarap silang panoorin kapag nakahiga, sa totoo lang
  Finding who?
Hey you big you!
And there was color!
Hotel lobby
East tower
Upo upo lang
CUTE! Emote na emote!
Laughter is...
...the BEST!
Ang perlas
Barazura Bar - The only bar serving alcohol in the hotel because it's the first day of Ramadan.  This was all we were looking forward to all day.  Happy hour gone crazy.  Merong nalasing, hinde ko na lang papangalanan. Hahaha.
Waiting for our drinks
Uhaw na
My safe drink
Eto yung nakadali sa nalasing
 Sakit mo sa ulo!
 Extremely happy hour
The Pool - The next morning, Rach and I woke up early for that much needed morning swim.  
Favorite ko tong mukha kong to. Me and my priority. =)
Napagod na sa kakapindot. =)
Bandeau love =)
Happy! Happy!
   Galing nyong swimmers no?
Tuwang tuwa lang
Tss..hinde ako masyadong excited. =)
  Eye candy. Hahaha!
 Marsie by the beach
Kaleidoscope - After that exhilarating morning by the pool, we were the hungriest monsters on earth.  It was time to eat our hearts out.  Our friends Tine, MK and TY came over to have lunch with us.  In starving times like this, a buffet banquet is the most excellent redemption. This restaurant has an extensive spread.  It's simply a glutton's heaven.  When the hostess gave us a  tour of the variety of cuisines, I panicked.  I didn't know where to start.  A monster awoke inside of me, demanding to be fed.  Yes my friends, we over-did it.  I felt disgustingly full.  Ano? Baka pa?
  Buksan niyo to!! Gutom na kame!
  Michael Korrs, Vera Wang and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa =)
Chocolate fondue fountain
  Fresh Mussels
Me, Rach, Rona, TY, Tine and MK

Ayoko ng FAT SHOT! ahahaha!
Sinong tawang tawa?
Thank you for making my weekend a lot happier!

In my journey I've learned that it's important that we surround ourselves with happy, positive people who share your values and goals. 
They will encourage you to achieve your dreams and help you feel good about yourself.  It wasn't just the spontaneous trip that kicked my happy spot, it was more of the people I was with.  Thanks for the laughter and the hearty conversations. And to Rachell and Rona, I love you to bits and more.

Atlantis The Palm
Crescent Road The Palm
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Email: info@atlantisthepalm.com
Telephone: +971 4 426 0000 (24 hours)

“Happiness is a habit – cultivate it.” ~ Elbert Hubbard


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