Sunday, September 25, 2011

I can't think STRAIGHT.

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Being absurd is a quite a normal characterization of me by my friends.  More so often arguing what is sometimes nonsensical and defending what is against the norms.  Again, this is not a dissertation of the numerous complexities in my life, rather this is about my new hairstyle which shows a clear parallelism to how I think, NOT straight that is.  

PERMING - a permanent wave.  Last month I've undergone the process of digital perming which is done with the help hot rods regulated by a machine.  I'm not really gifted with great hair.  My hair has a life of its own, curling naturally at unwanted places and sometimes straight at unnoticeable parts.  I grew up constantly doing a rebond and the hair iron became my instant best friend.  So now I decided to have a simpler life - not waking up and seeing Simba (from the Lion King) in my reflection and not having to panic every time my hair iron is not within reach.  

Then I met Taiky, a Korean hairstylist from Tony & Jackey.  I was really unsure about him at first, a very tall guy with strong features.  He looks like a warrior from an old Chinese action film.  He started touching my hair, asking me what I want to do with it.  Then he finally uttered the words " Half perm, half rebond."  It didn't sound that appealing to me at first, but I just said "Let's do this!"  So after what seemed like 2 million washing, ironing, curling, applying of God knows what in my hair, I survived.  I actually love how my hair turned out after (half kulot and half tuwid parang utak ko lang). =)

Super dami assistants, ganun kahirap ayusin ang buhok ko
That's Taiky!
Just like a girl from outer space

Taiky - Hairstylist
Tony and Jackey Beauty Salon
Festival Mall, Alabang
Contact no: 02-6591875
Tony and Jackey website


Anonymous said...

Wow, I woul love my hair to be like yours, but wonder if that already exist here in Ireland.
Concerns: how do u get up and go to the toilet if you really need a dump? I'm just wondering how on earth are you gonna do that with all those things holding up your hair?

Miejay Madla said...

Hahahaha. I can imagine the need to take a dump during the process of perming. But I think one can hold it since that machine thing would just take a few minutes to finish.

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