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JM and Lkz.MH FPS battle in Bangkok

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A few months back my brother told me he and his friends are going to Thailand to compete with other Southeast Asian countries for the Asiasoft All Star Battle 2011.  They will play a new FPS games created by a giant gaming company in Thailand.  I honestly didn't take the news seriously, my reaction was the same when he revealed his other conquests with his team like winning up to 100,000 php in their triumphs against other clans in FPS battles within the country.  At the back of my mind I still thought of it as though he was just playing video games with me when we were younger - him constantly beating me of course resulting to real life wrestling when I get really annoyed LOL.  When he got older JM started to play with boys his age (that didn't sound right), I mean he started playing video games in internet shops with his friends.  Little did I know this simple pastime of his would earn him achievements and take him places.

First-person Shooting (FPS) games denotes a style in which the player uses guns and other weapons in a combat through a first person perspective.  First-person shooters may be played in a multiplayer mode, meaning  more than one person can play in an environment at the same time.  That's when a "team" is created.  My brother started playing when he was in high school.  He met his teammates online, they are comprised of a diverse set of individuals located in different areas of Luzon.  The team started in 2008 and has been grabbing numerous triumphs to date (3 golds, 5 silvers and countless champs in mini tournaments).  The team's name is Lkz.Mh combining two teams, TmLkz and the Mousehole clan. 

The Event (Asiasoft All Star Battle 2011) - was held in The Mall department store Bangkok, Thailand.  Asiasoft Battle 2011 is an online game competition that are part of the E-Sport Event. The goal is to encourage and improvise an online gaming competition to be ready for international competition,” said Deputy Managing Director of Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (Asiasoft Website). A crowd of about 500 visited this 2-day event. 

Last July 22, a day after his birthday, my brother and 4 of his friends (Ron, Angelo, Bannie and Ivan) flew to Thailand to represent the Philippines in an invitational match sponsored by Asiasoft (leading online game operator enjoying a dominant market share in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam). Participating countries include Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. The boys were really excited to compete and were in high hopes of winning the championship. Thailand bagged the PlayFPS International Heroes title, leaving all other teams in second place. Second placers took home a consolation cash prize plus the entire trip cost including accommodation, transfers and airfare were shouldered by Asiasoft.

JM thought the trip was all worth it, they got to try out the new game developed by Asiasoft, he gained a lot of new friends from other countries he also added that the cultural experience in Thailand was quite unforgettable. Check out the photos.

Philippines represent! Lkz.MH
The Battle
International Hero Trophy
More trophies
6 Southeast Asian teams
The Mall
Goodies booth
Go Philippines!
The players
I smell trouble! hahahaha!
Cosplay Beauties
The Arena

Asiasoft Office Visit - The boys paid the regional headquarters in Thailand a visit before their flight back to the Philippines.  He described the place as the most amazing for it dedicated a gigantic chunk of office space for recreational activities.  From the excitement of his voice I think my brother is seriously considering working there. Talk about extreme FUN in a workplace!

Reception area
Games and recognitions
Mukhang fave nila tong Giant na to.
Pantry! I love the color of the fridge.  
View from the office window
GYM! Hardcore.

The accommodation - Miracle Grand Convention Hotel 99 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok, Thailand
He will kill me for posting these photos taken inside their room. LOL!

Ewww.. hahahahha

Exploring Thailand - The boys got the chance to explore Bangkok and shop for souvenirs on the last day of their trip.  JM said he enjoyed the food most because he's a sucker for spicy food.  He and his friends tried the street food, road the metro, shopped and mingled with the people there.  

The city
Souvenir shirt
Siam Tower
Metro token
Vending machine (tokens)
Inside the Metro
Woohoo Thai boxing!
Hinde nila favorite magpapicture dito
See, told ya! Favorite!
The famous Tuk Tuk
Street food
Super spicy
Gerald Anderson in Thailand..woot!woot! =D LOL!

Clip of the opening ceremony

Video clip of a match between Thailand and Philippines.

Team Lkz.MH of the Philippines, I am so proud of you boys! =)

All photos taken by Lkz.TM boys in Thailand
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"It's cool to excel in something I love to do, but to represent one's country is THE BOMB!" 
                                                                             - JM Madla


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