Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I left my heart in Venice.

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In Italy, it's always something about a scene in a romantic film.  Venice stole most of those scenes.  For years I have carried a secret love affair and now I think it's best to come clean.  I'M IN LOVE WITH VENICE!  I flirted with thoughts of riding the gondola - disappearing to the narrow streets, listening to the gondolier humming to an unfamiliar hymn, staring at imperial structures and holding someone's hand.  When Tine and I got there, what I witnessed surpassed what I envisioned.  It was everything I ever imagined and more - but that's minus the holding someone's hand part of course (ahahaha, and it's awful tse!).  

Before I get carried away by nostalgia, let me share with you what happened in that trip.  Similar to what happened in Rome - When in Rome..., we took a train from the Centrale station in Milan.  To our dismay, we didn't get to ride a high velocity train so obviously the poor engine unhurriedly advanced, stopping to what seemed to be a multitude of stations.  The trip took us 3 hours. You may notice some photos of us holding pictures.  Since this place is special to us both, we decided to tag some friends and family along.   

With Kaan - the sign is so for you Biglietti! LOL! Milan Centrale station
Tine boredly chewing on sour candies
With JM and Kaya, wish you were here :(
Tine with JM and Kaya =D
A neighborhood in some city

We were unprepared for what welcomed us in Venice.  For two days we have mastered the art of figuring out maps for metro stations.  To move around in this city you can only use your legs, Vaporetto (water bus) or water taxis.  Aside from our legs, we chose the Vaporetto to take us around Venice because it's cheaper as compared to water taxis.

We arrived at the Santa Lucia station and immediately searched for the Vaporetto map. The plan was to go to Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square) and explore the nearby places by foot from there.  According to the map, we have to get to the San Marco station, so we got ourselves tickets and we waited for the next Vaporetti to stop over.  It's not a lengthy wait though because every 10 minutes a water bus comes along.

Ferrovia Station
We have to wait here
An old building 
Tine patiently waiting
Riding a Vaporetti
This is for my friend Eric - definitely your foundation CHAROT!
 Rialto Bridge
Hotel Rialto
The super hot water bus conductress - She is very FOXY.
Such an inviting view
San Marco station - we got off on this station

The narrow streets of Venice
On the way to St. Mark's plaza, we honestly got lost.  It's a positive thing since it paved the way for less tiring shop hopping. I find shopping here more favorable as compared to Milan because you don't have to endure long walks to explore all boutiques you wanted to look up. The narrow streets appeal to me most for it doesn't intimidate me.  It made me feel a bit relaxed.

Toy! Toy!
My pattern choice, this Italian fashion house is definitely more than knitwear.  
Jinkee P. was here. CHOS.
This is for my Chanel junkie friend, Rach! =D
The bag is for our friend Bal, someone who finds her very special bought this for her..awww!
 The famous Venetian Masks
On cloud 9!
Masks, anyone?
With a person behind me
Without a person behind me - parang spot the difference lang! LOL!
Hard Rock Cafe - shirts are a must buy here
I just love these lovely objects
Tine and the gondolas - sounds like a movie title

Piazza San Marco
The Basilica of St. Mark ascends in this plaza.  The structure is defined with distinguished arches, carvings and marble decorations.  Standing freely in the front of the church is the Campanile.  Next to the campanile is an elegant building called Logetta.

The plaza is a rendezvous for tourists, photographers and sightseers.  The crowd enjoyed hanging out with doves and I think me and Tine were the only people trying to avoid the birds, hahahaha.  We ate lunch at a cafe by the plaza - food is superb, coffee is exquisite and the waiters are very welcoming.  

 Campanile of St. Mark's Church
Basilica of St. Mark
Tourists all over
Enjoying the coffee
The kind waiter took a photo of us, SPOT Chuck Bass LOL!
 Spotted! Ahahahaha!
Ronalyn parading around S. Marco Piazza
Patricia Kaye trying to get hook up with birds, hahahaha!
Doves galore
Fatima and Jose shopping for souvenirs
I miss you! I wish you were here.
 Basilica of St. Mark
Sight seeing
After touring the P. San Marco, we honestly didn't know where to go next.  We thought of letting our feet take us wherever this time.  It actually worked, we've seen the best spots and romantic sites.  If I could just stop time, I would not let that day end.

I really enjoyed the view from that spot
Snow White wants to ride the gondola!  
  Chatterly and the canals =)
 I'm in love! =)
Tine must be waiting for someone
Super like!
Pwimpwess Rachell Ann lounging in Venice
Hay, yun lang ang masasabe ko
Would someone ride this thing with me? =)
I love the "old" ambiance of this place
This can only happen in Venice! ahahaha!
Venice looks good with you Madam!
Pap! Pap! Love it!
Looking good
It's a dream come true =)
Perpetual bliss
It's that pivotal moment, LOL
Gondoliers wear striped tops and black pants
Attempting to like these birds
She's faking it, I swear.
My best picture so far, hahaha. I heart Venezia
Perfect forced smile =)
Palakpak lang katapat nitong mga to!
I'm totally in love with this store
Narrow street =)
Water bus station - going back to Ferrovia
Look at those happy faces. We hate having to leave this place.

It was so sad to leave all these behind.  But hey, we can always come back.  

Grazie Venezia!
Tired and happy feet
Runaway train never going back
Beautiful pa rin kahit tired! Soshal!
Late dinner in Milan
It's always Coca-Cola! =)
 Who's tired?! =D

I left my heart in Venice but I'm coming back to get it hopefully with that someone who'll hold my hand the entire trip (Anong saveeeeeeeehh ko?? ahahahaha!).  With now I'm happy with the amazing memories and when I get back I will explore even more of this stunning city.  

Here's a short clip of our Venice tour:

"Venice is like doing acid. If you can't take it with you after you either come down or move away, you were never really there in the first place."
                                                                                             - Anne Alexander


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take me back Italia!

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Ang gaganda nyo! miej gusto ko yung pic mo na "Breathtaking"

Miejay Madla said...

Thanks Juls! Mwaaaaah! =D See ya soon =D

FOXy said...

bigla ko na lang uli to hinanap. gusto ko lang mag inlove inlavan

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