Monday, January 31, 2011

1st month of the year, last day of the month...

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Writing down my thoughts was always on top of my resolutions yearly, but it never materialized. That's why this day, this very day marks a very important milestone in my life. Finally! Finally! My first blog. 

On this sharing of thoughts page, I want to talk about influences. Influences are said to people that could shape a culture. The Philippines is known to have a very rich culture. Richness I define as a channel brought about by several predominance of different nations to our motherland. It's always a love and hate relationship between us and those to be considered our conquerors. We despised them for taking away that phenomenon we call freedom. Yet in a way they liberated us from things we were kept in the dark about. When the colonizers left, were we really emancipated?

Our lives have always been influenced by someone. Take my name for example, MICHELLE. A very common and "girly" name that I wouldn't prefer people call me. Yeah, guilt is eating me up right now since my dad named me after the famous "Michelle" song written by Paul Mccartney and John Lennon. The song won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1966, and has become one of the most famous Beatles songs in France. In 1982, it became my name. It was my dad's favorite. I remember him every Sunday listening to his Beatles LP in his musty turntable. He was singing his heart out and I was always invited to dance with him. I grew up with their music. In our house, they were everywhere. 

With that I'd like to share this fresh and hot cover (January 2011) of The Rolling Stone Magazine featuring the interview with the great master himself, John Lennon who talked about his life, his family and his music after the controversial break-up of the Beatles. In this issue the Rolling Stone released the entire transcript from Lennon's final print interview, given to journalist Jonathan Cott in December 1980, just three days before his murder.

"I cannot live up to other people's expectations of me," Lennon says in the interview.  "Because they are illusionary. And the people wanting more than I am or that Bob Dylan or that Mick Jagger is or that the new punks will become, because they have to grow up to."

And who could forget this January 22, 1981 Rolling Stone's Cover of John Lennon & Yoko Ono in the Morning Room of their New York City apartment, early afternoon, December 8, 1980: By Annie Liebovitz. Annie Liebovitz promised John that this would be the cover. It was taken a few hours before he died. John said "You've captured our relationship exactly". Anyone who has a copy of this magazine, I BEG YOU! Send me one! PLEASE!! =)

John talked about people's expectations of him as he was considered one of the early doctors whose concepts and ideas were well respected. He noted that what people think of him was an illusion. For me it was like a disease being planted which spreads like a virus. It was definitely a culture that a lot of people embraced. Influence is relative to your personal taste, what you like and who you look at. What I'm influenced by is maybe different to what's yours. There is no manual, there is no guide, it's something inside of us which leads us to say "Hey, this feels right."


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